UK workers support positive sustainability in organisations

UK workers support positive sustainability in organisations

For many years now, the tendency towards supporting brands which operate with the intentions to maintain a higher level of sustainability has been a growing trend; this has mainly been evident in consumer purchasing decisions. However, more recently, this has been becoming prominent for employees choosing their next place of work.

The current UK jobs market is effectively candidate-driven, with employers trying their best to market themselves as an employer of choice. This means that the organisations are having to showcase to the candidates what makes them better to work for than their competitors, this can be done by offering benefits packages, higher salaries or by utilising the ethical approach that the business takes towards its employees and the world, to portray themselves as different. The latter is becoming the more important to UK employees as more people are becoming aware of sustainability and beginning to support it to greater extents. This is particularly evident in the younger generations entering the job market.


A recent study by NMD showed that:

“Younger workers go even further with over two-fifths (42%) saying they would take a pay cut if it meant they could work for a company that had a positive impact and purpose in the world” (Recruiting Times 2018)


Therefore, the new talent entering the job market will seek organisations that offer them the ability to support ethical issues at work and not just in their personal lives.

Employees are also relating their own personal happiness within their jobs to the prominence of the ethical considerations that take place at their workplace. Many UK workers have a tendency to feel more positive towards their organisation if they feel that they are contributing towards the improvement of sustainability in the UK. The workers are attempting to be the driving force behind the green movement.

What does mean for businesses?

If not already, organisations are going to have to take much greater steps to improve their sustainability and then try their best to promote this to potential employees; the problem that occurs with this is the process of greenwashing, businesses exaggerating their efforts or even falsifying them to better appeal to people. It is important that organisations operate transparently and only release information that they can prove. If a business is found to be falsely advertising this will have a massively negative effect for their reputation as both an employer and a brand of choice in the current market.

Businesses have to act according to the demands of the working population if they are to secure the appropriate talent and this particular demand for operating sustainably is only going to grow greater in the coming years. If a business can market themselves successfully and have a proactive approach, rather than reactive, they could have a unique advantage as an employer of choice.


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