DCHA Meeting September- Affina Organisational Development

DCHA Meeting September- Affina Organisational Development

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to attend one of the Dorset Care Home Association’s meetings, this is due to Real Recruitment Solutions being a patron of the association and us taking a keen interest in the sectors we recruit for. The meeting was very interesting and there were several guest speakers for several different topics. As a non-healthcare savvy individual, some of the information was difficult for me to process but I listened eagerly to try and learn more about a profession which has its fair share of challenges. The meeting was well organised and the variety in attendees allowed for informative topical conversation which was beneficial to the healthcare professionals.


All being said, there was one segment in the meeting which I personally found to be the more engaging, however, this was mainly due to its relatability across numerous sectors. The talk was given by Sarah-Jane Dale, the chief operating officer of Affina Organisation Development (AOD) and detailed how working in teams can create for efficient results in the workplace. At first I was sceptical, I was sure that I had heard the same regurgitated information about team-based working enough times; I was wrong. Sarah challenged the attendee’s notions surrounding the concept of a team and stripped it back to basics to start with. We were asked how we would define a team, what characteristics make a good team and whether those characteristics are present in the teams we are already a part of. The talk was engaging in this sense as it allowed us to reconsider the knowledge we already possessed and attempt to apply the new knowledge to the situations we currently find ourselves in. The next section discussed the aims and objectives of team working, questioning our understanding of effective aims/objectives and how we measure these against our performance. This understandably is an important part of team efficiency and can provide the best results if aims and objectives are set correctly, people are informed and then they are carried out accordingly. Sarah displayed a strong understanding of this topic and then proceeded to present us with numerous facts and figures to support the application of greater team-based working in the healthcare sector. The most substantial exploration within the evidence was how mortality rates can be greatly affected by the standards of care provided to the service users; the standards rising when the carers are working for a mutual aim or objective. I found that what I learned throughout this small talk was very applicable in many situations and/or professions, not just healthcare.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this meeting and it was a great learning experience for me. As well as the AOD talk, I was intrigued to find out more about the other talks such as adult safeguarding and how this is a hot topic currently in the sector. All the information I received was delivered by people who are passionate about their work and this was reflected also in the attendees, making for a space abundant with intellectuality.


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